House Centipedes: Creepy but Beneficial

February 19th, 2009 by BugGuy

house_centipede Centipedes are common house pests that are often misidentified by a homeowner. The most common homeowner description of a centipede is a big spider with lots of legs.

The body of a house centipede is usually about 1″ to 1- ½” long and has 15 pairs of very long legs, which is why it’s often confused with a spider. The body of a house centipede is grayish yellow with three dark stripes extending along the full length of the back; which also makes the insect look larger than it really is.

One major difference between the house centipede and other species of centipedes is that the house centipede generally lives its entire life inside a building, where most other species will live primarily outside.

In homes and other buildings, the house centipede prefers damp areas such as closets, cellars, bathrooms and unexcavated areas under the house. House centipedes will lay their eggs behind baseboards and the bark of firewood stored inside the building.

Aside from their creepy appearance, house centipedes are considered to be a beneficial insect since the bug hunts at night for spiders, smaller insects and their larvae. House centipedes typically leave humans alone but on occasion, a house centipede will bite which could cause swelling and redness.

Treatments by a professional pest control company are all a homeowner needs to keep house centipedes at bay.

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5 Responses

  1. A Leggy Predator: What Do Centipedes Eat? Says:

    [...] Centipedes are actually very beneficial to the environment, and to you! Centipedes eat common pests, making them a kind of natural insect killer. [...]

  2. matthew Says:


    I have a hugh problem with these house centipeds, pest control has come in and laid pest bombs and they just keep coming, i dont know what to do anymore they just keep coming. what is my next step to ridding my house of these??

    thanks matt

  3. Devon Says:

    I’m scared to death of this. I saw one in the crawl space and I googled “big spider with lots of legs” LOL, I only saw the bottom of it, not the top .. but it looked more orange? so i’m not sure if it’s the same thing.

  4. Big insect made me wait for my rum and coke - The Garden's Cure Says:

    [...] According the Sothern California….this is just a House Centipede and is considered beneficial. House Centipedes: Creepy but Beneficial Pests in Orange County | Southern California Pest Control Ad… __________________ Harvested/perpetual: Zait's Indoor Productions Presents Hempy Blueberry Pics [...]

  5. liz Says:

    They are disgusting! beneficial or not they are disgusting!
    I found one under my bed sheets today! My husband said that it must have come down from the attic and fallen into our bed while the sheets were pulled back!

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