Common Pests in Southern California

January 28th, 2009 by BugGuy

flea Insects and other pests are a year round problem in the mild climate of Irvine, California. Some of these pests cause structural damage such as termites, some pests can cause personal damage such as black widow spiders and other pests such as house mouse are just a pain to have around.

Next time a bug or mouse scurries across the floor, visit Accurate’s gallery of pictures of common pests in Southern California to get a positive ID on the pest you’re dealing with.

If your pest isn’t listed in the gallery, try the University of California guidelines for pest management. This site allows you to choose your pest (i.e. mammals, insects, mollusks, etc…) or the plant in your yard or garden that is infested with the pest. This informative site also has information on pesticides, exotic pests and quick tips on how to manage pests.

Not all pests are bad, here is an interesting site with information about plants that attract beneficial insects and are helpful to have around.

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